Fundamentally Focused

Our Purpose

At PREMIS Capital, our purpose is to provide prudent stewardship of client assets and relationships. We seek to first preserve and subsequently grow our clients' capital. We will fulfill this purpose by always acting with transparency, honesty and integrity. We devote ourselves to this purpose by adhering to the following Core Values.

Integrity – The foundation of our culture, purpose and core values. We will act with honesty, accountability and adhere to the highest standards of moral and ethical values.

Client Focus – Our clients' interests and needs come before our own. We are accountable to our clients and strive to meet or exceed their expectations.

Discipline – We are thoughtful, knowledge-based, long-term investors. We will not attempt to time markets or invest in businesses that we do not understand.

Growth – Though we diligently adhere to our disciplined investment philosophy, we are committed to growth as individuals, as professionals, and as a firm. We make this commitment not only in our own interests but also in the interests of our clients.

Teamwork – We are stronger collectively than we are individually. Through the combined energy and experience of all our team members working in collaboration, we seek to achieve extraordinary results for our clients.